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Alright! Gitty Up and lets get on with Module 2. You are well on your way to making DRAMATIC leaps forward in your business. The skills you are gaining through each module will help you on, and offline.

Just a run through of how this all will work. I have designed this course to take everyone from every skill level from the ground up. Each section builds upon the next. So you will find a delay in access between sections and modules in order to facilitate this learning process. I want you to have the best chance of success and that means beginning with the basics and working up into the master levels.

Module 2 of Cattleman Connected will be all about creating a strong and lasting Brand Identity. Creating a strong brand identity that will last through time (Think Coca-Cola) goes well beyond colors and a logo. Your brand is who you are and who your customers need you to be.

In this section you will learn how to identify your brand personality and how to develop content that stays true to that ideology.

Your brand represents everything that your company is. Can you identify who your company is?

As this digital world is always changing, so is this virtual academy. So make sure you are watching your email for updates and new parts to modules as rules and algorithms flex and flow. That's one of the major benefits of being a member here. I will always bring you the most current information and best practices.

Use the thumbnails below to navigate between sections of Module 2.