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Section Summary

1.     Intro To The Section

Another day, another section! I am so glad you are committed to sticking with this process. You ARE going to see huge returns for your efforts, because you are more dedicated to your businesses success than 70% of others.

We are walking into section 4 of module 1 today and I couldn’t be more excited. We have spent the last three sections discussing the whys behind everything and now it’s time to go a little deeper into the how for this part. Now don’t forget, this module is all about building a Firm Foundation, so I am giving you the info you need to get started successfully but we will be diving in deeper through the coming modules.

Today’s section is focused on the basics of posting. And like you thought, there is way more to it than just posting a picture and some emoji’s. But please don’t feel overwhelmed. Once you have these basic skills and understandings down, it is going to make everything else SO MUCH easier. Trust me. So let’s get started!

2. Post Topics

So in the last section we talked about discovering your five things that represent your brand. Did you do this?? If not, I need you to stop this video right now, go back, review the 5 topics and decide on yours. We can not go any further until you have done that. The reason this step is so important is because these are the topics that will represent your brand, these are the topics you are going to be creating your content around.

Got it done? Ok, let’s move one.

Now if at minimum, you are publishing one post per day, you will rotate through these topics 1.4 times a week. Don’t let these topics feel like chains to you, they are meant to free you from the ever lasting game of “what do I post today”. The trick is to name each day. To have a topic that you post about each Monday, every Tuesday, all day Wednesday, etc. These don’t have to be official things with a hashtag or group or anything else, you are the only person that absolutely needs to know that topic is what you post about every Saturday.

The reason we do this is it keep you on brand target while rotating through interests to keep your audience engaged and involved. If you posted about the same old thing EVERY DAY do you think they would stick around long or you would gain new followers? Probably not.

So for example here is a schedule I follow

Every Monday I post about digital marketing topics. One small, bit-sized piece that I share each week that is customized for the cattle industry so that I can relate and help my audience.

Every Tuesday, I try to share something inspirational and thought provoking. This can be a quote of some kind or just a beautiful image with an encouraging content piece.

Every Wednesday, I share something about one of my products that I offer and why it solves some type of pain point for my ideal client.

And so on. The key is that each day and each topic is formatted to be relatable to your intended audience. Make since? Don’t forget I am ALWAYS available in the Facebook group along with some other great folks to help you out with any questions!

In essence you could decide that every Tuesday you post a Charolaise cattle fact and you could go and schedule 52 Charolaise cattle facts to your social media scheduler of choice and not have to think about what you are going to post each Tuesday for an entire year. The best part… Only 20% of your audience sees your posts, so really, you could never have to come up with another Charolaise fact again and just reuse those posts each year. Make sure they are facts that resonate to your audience, so if you’re in the business of selling Charolaise semen, those Charolaise facts will be directed at your intended audience and why Charolaise genetics are amazing, not beef consumers.

3.The Anatomy of post copy

Did you know that posts that use a lot of question marks get 5 TIMES the amount of interaction as posts that use hardly any??

This is because posts that are asking questions, are generally posts that are more interested in learning about their audience rather than telling their audience what they should know. When you ask people questions, they feel like they are a part of the conversation rather than just being talked at.

When developing your post you need to keep three things in mind: What is the topic? What helpful thing will my audience find in this post? What pain point am I helping to solve?

An inspirational topic post helps to lift someone up and gives them the courage to keep on going.

A marketing post answers questions they may have about why what they are doing isn’t working.

A mom post encourages solidarity and openness to imperfections.

Your topics will be different than mine but what you need to understand is how to combine these topics with copy that works.

Next you need to include a call to action, the very best way to increase your interaction is to ask for it. This can be an ask for a like, comment, or share, click this link, go see this page, visit my profile. ETC. Call to actions are limitless but they must be included if you want people to do something with your information.

Questions + Helpful Info + Call to action = winning post

7. Exit

As you’re moving through these sections and taking a harder look into what you have been doing, what has worked, what has not, and where you can improve, I hope you have a lot more clarity on the way to develop post that generated interaction. Engagement drives your account so paying attention to what you are posting, when and why will radically change the impact your accounts have. Intentionality and work in the front end will free you up in the back end.

The next section, Tools of the trade, will be a bit longer and have a ton of information, so make sure you have a pen and paper handy as you go through what tools I use, why and the alternatives to them.

Each module and section is created to build upon the next so it is super important that you work through the action steps and complete each section to move on to the next. You will find that I have built in a little waiting period between each section to help facilitate this part of the learning process.

Outside of Cattleman Connected you can find me actively on Instagram and Facebook. I am also present on my website www.alymcclure.com and I would love to hear from you.

Good luck as you implement this sections and move on to the next. I’ll see you there, Aly.