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My Goal Is to create an agriculture force that can't be ignored.

If you work, or aspire to work in agriculture marketing/creative services through freelance OR your own marketing agency, you have come to the right place.

Did you know that there are...

  • 750,000 Beef Operations
  • 64,000 Dairy Operations
  • 63,000 Hog Operations
  • 233,770 Poultry Operations
  • 80,000 Sheep Operations
  • 152,000 Goat Operations
  • Don't get me started on all of the citrus, nut, and vegetable farms!

In the United States, TODAY?!?!

And only a few thousand options for these agriculture operations to use when they desire to work on the creative and marketing aspects of their business.

Aly McClure Marketing is built on the foundation of bringing us all together, not creating more competition. In the spirit of that I have put together a directory, divided by state, of any and all agriculture marketers that want to be included. So that every industry person that comes into contact with the page will be able to locate the individual in the location and skill set they are interested in.

Currently, I have a cumulative digital audience through social media, website, and email list that tops 10,000 people and an average engagement rate of 15%+ that ARE actively involved in the production agriculture industry. There are WAY MORE people and interest than I can possibly serve on my own, and that isn't my goal anyway. I want to share the love with each of you!

So for a website maintenance fee of $10 a month, (less than you spent on Facebook ads yesterday) I want to share your work with the world - an audience that has already been cultivated.

SOOOO What do I get for this $10????

  • You get LISTED. And your specific listing includes all of your business details including a brief description of what you do, an image and logo of your choice, a link to your *blog feature on my site, and all of your social handles.
  • You (your biz) gets a feature on my social media accounts.
  • The list gets pushed multiple times weekly. It benefits me, to continually advertise you.

Want more???

*For a one time fee of $30 - only if you want it - I will do a blog write up about you and your biz that will then be linked to your listing and pushed out multiple times through my social channels.

Don't waste your time and resources guessing on who you need to reach, I've already found them and I want to share them with you!

Listen ya'll I am still in this gig to gain clients, so I will ALWAYS be pushing my website and therefore ALWAYS be pushing these listings.

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