Circle Heifer Development is an agricultural company based in western Kansas. Raising Dairy Heifers for producers in the Midwest, CHD understands the value of positive marketing in cattle operations.


Wan't to turn your operation into a full-time selling machine?

Get a jump start with my continually updated virtual academy - Cattleman connected


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Branding More Than Hides

Aly McClure Marketing is SO EXCITED to bring you this innovative and personalized web learning experience, Cattleman Connected! Behind these digital doors you will find the keys to unlock your operations full potential.

We all know that we should be on the internet with a website and branded social media accounts, but there is a big difference between knowing you need something and knowing how to make it happen. With Aly McClure you learn the from the best about HOW TO SELL CATTLE ONLINE and Cattle Based Products.

Sure, there is plenty of "free" knowledge out in the interwebs but there are two things Cattleman Connected offers - that you won't find on Pinterest...

1. The content developer, Aly McClure, has 10 years of experience in the professional agriculture world with the technical skills and applicable background to give you the tools to effectively represent your farm or ranch. I have worked with every kind of producer from Angus Cattle Ranches to Holstein Cattle Dairy Farms.

2. The content in this members only zone is specifically created for those in agriculture (i.e. cattleman.) Everything you find will be applicable to your operation and is laid out in a way for easy implementation. Where else will you find something that lays it out A to Z and will walk you through the entire process of creating an account to selling your first bull through Instagram??? Using digital strategy for agriculture will transform the way your operation performs.

Let Aly help you take your operation to the next level.

4 months of working with Aly, we went for ZERO presence on social media to a cumulative audience of nearly 2,000 and a 20% content engagement rate.
— Holle Gelbvieh Ranch
Aly McClure Marketing; Sell Cattle Online

Content Created For Cattlemen By Cattlemen

Don't waste anymore of your time or money on training's from people who have no idea what you do for a living. Be more than just another one of the farmers on Facebook, be THE farmer/cattleman online.

Within these virtual walls you find everything you need to represent your operation successfully. 

Topics Covered Include:

- Branding Your Cattle Operation

- Targeting Your Ideal Customers

- How To Develop Your Social Media Accounts and use them to sell more

- What actually needs to be on your website and how to set it up professionally with out the price tag

- Actionable steps in each section to engage the learning process and make sure you take away the most amount of information possible.

- And So Much More!!

For less than what you pay in fly spray a month you can have the opportunity to improve your operation and propel it into success.

Aly McClure is including everything you need to get started successfully and stay that ways! There is no more reason to bumble around dazed and confused. I've got your back and we've got cattle to sell!


What will it cost me?

Cattleman Connected was created for the agriculture entrepreneurs who love what they do but are ready to add or excel consistent digital strategy to their company. They want a complete system, a step-by-step road map to show you exactly how to use social media to drive traffic, create viral content, and convert page views into profits! What would it look like to focus on a platform that doesn't overwhelm you so that you can see results while automating a marketing system that will work for you??

You can get started TODAY for just a monthly payment of $99 or, for the best value,$999 for an entire year of access to the continually added and updated content.

Aly McClure Marketing; Sell Cattle Online

Oh, And A Little About Me

I'm Aly McClure. I have been working in the professional agriculture industry for nearly 10 years. I began in cattle risk management, procuring feed and selling fats. Without that hands on background knowledge, I don't think I would be half as effective with representing all of you as I am today. I have since spent the last 6 years learning through trial and error everything there is to representing an agriculture business online. I have worked for the largest family owned cattle company in the world, as well as dairies and ranches. I have a lot to share with you! My husband and I also have a feedyard where we raise dairy heifers in southwest Kansas. Want to know more???

I'll see you inside, friend.