5 Reasons You Aren't A Social Media Success

5 Reasons You Aren't A Social Media Success

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WARNING: I was grouchy when I typed this post. 

I am not always known for being a warm and fuzzy, gloss it over kind of person, and I won't apologize for that. I do air on the side of optimism with a realistic outlook. If you want to succeed in business you have to be straightforward. Assuming the reason you are reading this post is that you want to learn why your strategy isn't working, I know you won't take offense to this list.

Frankly, I am tired of hearing Joe Somebody telling me about how he's been on Instagram for three years but he isn't seeing any return and social media marketing is just a big hoax. Never mind the fact that he rarely posts, or when he does post the pictures are bad or it have nothing to do with the brand and to top it off he isn't engaging with his fans. 

The thing is, I know you can do better. Digital strategy ISN'T HARD it just takes a lot of HARD WORK. If you aren't willing or don't have the time to put in the work, then it won't take off. 

Enough of the pep talk, it's time to get truthful with a little tough love...

5 Reasons You Aren't A Social Media Success

1. Your definition of Success is Wrong.

Guys. You do not need 50,000 followers to be successful and see a return on your social media efforts. 

It is better to have 100 followers that are clinging to your every word and want to interact with you than 1,000 who scroll right by your feed or swipe past your story without a second glance. Don't get me wrong, not everyone who follows you will be a devoted fan, but please understand that nurturing the 100 who want what you've got is better than trying to wrap your brain around the 1,000 who couldn't care less. 

2. You are not consistent

Work with me on this one. If you aren't willing to post every.single.day. with valuable or entertaining content that fits your brand, then you cannot expect to see massive returns. Just like everything else in life, what you put into it is what you will get out of it.

It is SO EASY these days to be consistent with posting on social media. With tools like Sprout Social and HootSuite, there are NO EXCUSES to be lazy. Fill that queue up and let autopilot take over. It frees you up to be involved with your tribe instead of worrying about what you're going to post each day.

Everybody is good at something. But, no one is good at everything. (1).png

3. You have no brand clarity

Branding is more than pretty colors and a logo. Branding is the definition of your business and what you represent. All of your content should represent your brand. If you aren't clear about who you are and what your brand is, how can you possibly create posts that have any type of lasting impact?

Did you know this is what I do for a living? Hit me up to walk you through your own personal branding. Once you take the time to get clear about what you are doing and why, it will make your job SO MUCH EASIER and you will thank yourself over and over.

4. You haven't defined your audience

Along with your definition of success and branding is knowing who you are talking to. Your audience is unique from anyone else. No two businesses have the same following. Who do you relate to?

Have you completed an audience persona yet? This is a vital step in the process and you can learn more about it HERE.

5. You don't take the time to learn

How can you expect to be good at something that you don't put any effort into understanding it? Does a farmer just decide he is going to start growing corn without knowing anything about corn or growing crops? No. You have to put work on the front end and then continue to brush up on your game. Social Media is CONSTANTLY changing and it is very important for you to continually be learning. There are so many sources with so many great articles and tutorials. A simple google search can turn up a gold mine.

OK, thanks for that. Now what?

If this overwhelms you or shows you that maybe you don't have the time or desire to commit to what it takes to have a successful social presence, I feel you. It is definitely a lot. But you should know that there are people who specialize in managing these platforms for others, I am one of them. 

I offer many different services, two of which are consulting and digital strategy management.

With consulting I walk you through your current status and help you devise a plan of attack and follow up with any changes that should be made and to help understand what direction to continue in. Set up your first FREE appointment HERE.

With the digital management option, I completely take over the reigns so that you don't have to think about any of it. You get to go on doing what you are talented in, and I am here to assist you and take the burden off of your plate. Get ahold of me to talk about it more, I would love to learn about what you do. Contact me HERE.