Mistakes Ranch Wives Never Make

Mistakes Ranch Wives Never Make

Our kids are never dirty, our dogs are always brushed, the cows never get out and other Mistakes Ranch Wives Never Make.

Ranch wives are perfect, we have it all together. 

We never buy enough food to feed an entire apocalyptic army

Our grocery cart (only 1 remember) is manageable and easily pushed. All of the items are placed neatly in a category like order.

I mean, we only live 5 minutes from the store, right? Therefore we can always run back and forth to grab some extra milk if we run out while baking brownies. And our children and husbands aren't so famished at meal time that you have to make double portions of the recipe, they've just been sitting around reading or playing video games all day.

No hard work here.

We never have a dirty or cluttered house

Especially not during harvest, planting, or calving season. Everything is neatly put in its place, much like our aforementioned grocery carts.

Everything is always dusted and the toilets are sparkling white... you never know when church people might pop over after all.

Our children make their beds and put their dirty laundry in their hampers every day. They also fold their own socks. And we never have to ask them more than once or raise our voice.

Oh and our bills are always paid before their due date, no Tardy Tommy's around here.

We never drink too much caffeine

After all, everyone around here is getting a minimum of nine hours of sleep a night. And did I mention, the baby has been sleeping through since he was one week old! Yep, we're really #blessed around here.

So there is obviously no need for our Ninja Coffee Bar or our over-sized coffee mug (WITH A LID), it's all just in case we have some friends over and they need a cup of joe.

We never show up in the school pickup line with a mud-caked vehicle

It's not like we're driving up and down dirt roads, through the pasture, or crossing creeks every day. We have no excuse and our car is always immaculate.

Our kids never smash crackers in the carpet and I have NEVER found a month+ old bottle of milk under any seats. My husband always changes his shoes before he gets in and I have never hauled a new calf in my front seat. Nobody every leaves miscellaneous nonsense laying around either.

We vacuum and wax weekly.

But the #1 Mistakes Ranch Wives Never Make is

We never judge any other woman who may deal with any of the above things.

We never manbash or man hate or demasculate our men. We respect them and we work by their side and they by ours. We celebrate their strength as they encourage ours.

We realize we're raising future men and don't want them treated disrespectfully. So we show them how they should be treated.

We never tell our daughters they can do anything a man can do, we just say you can do whatever you want. We tell her that she is valuable, and talented and worthy,  and we show her how she should be treated.

Our lives aren't about our cars, homes, or positions. Our lives are about lifting up the next generation and teaching them through our own actions, that each of us is important and worthy no matter our gender.

We're all in this game together and can't make it without our tribe. Support each other, empower each other, and most of all love each other.