All About Aly

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It all started when...

Aly McClure is the coffee drinker & content creator, behind, a self-proclaimed writer loving everything Jesus, Bovine, and Coffee.

After moving to western Kansas to follow a career path in the cattle industry, she was fortunate enough to meet and capture the heart of her cattleman, TJ McClure. Together they raise approximately 12,000 head of dairy heifers at Circle Heifer Development along with a growing tribe of little people and K9’s at home.

Agriculture has always been close to her heart growing up on cow-calf & grain farm in Ohio, she is the fourth generation in her family to carry on the love of cattle through her daily life.

Developing a love for sharing agriculture with those who do not have the opportunity to experience in their regular day to day life, Aly has been blessed to be a regular contributor on the social media outlets and blog for Cattle Empire, LLC, Beef Empire Days INC., as well as the growing outreach platforms of Circle Heifer Development. She has also developed several pieces of content and cover stories for Calf News Magazine.

Teaching others about what we do isn’t only an interesting way to reach out, it is a necessity with a growing culture that has no experience with agriculture besides what they buy in the store, read online, or see on TV.

Aly resides with her cattleman husband and little people in a small town in west Kansas where she can be found drinking coffee and asking Jesus to get her through one more day in a gracious and loving way.